Paula is a well-known speaker, trainer and consultant in the areas of leadership, emotional intelligence, communication and appreciation marketing.  She is a member of NSA, ASTD, SHRM, and SPI.  Paula is an expert in the DISC model, and is author of the popular virtual DISC certification program, Go DEEP with DISC.  Visit her website at www.disctraining.com.  Paula also works with HR professionals and trainers around the US and abroad, providing them with resources for leadership training, sales training and team building.  Her main website is www.trainingresources.com.  You can also read more about her speaking engagements and topics at www.paulaswitzer.com.  Paula is warm, engaging and a wonderful resource to her clients and friends.  She has many FOPs (Friends of Paula).



  1. Paula! You are just the greatest friend and look at you blogging! Love the beautiful photo of you. You rock it, girl!

  2. Thanks, so much Steph! I value your friendship immensely. You are my FIRST person to comment on my blog post – on this blog, that is.
    Hope you enjoy my posts…

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