Posted by: paulaswitzer | August 2, 2011

Nothing Like Time With Girlfriends!

This last weekend, I spent some quality time with four of my dear girlfriends.  We had all worked together at IBM (at one point), and have kept in touch over the years.  Although we have only gotten together as a group every couple of years, the bonds we forged over many years remain strong and in tact (LOL girlfriends – our inside jokes!)

In about 24 hours, we caught up with each others’ lives, challenges and triumphs.  We truly have been a witness to each others’ lives over the years.  We laughed until our sides hurt, and we shared tears through touching stories.  We vowed once again to make this an annual event.

The gift of friendship is one of the greatest human experiences, in my opinion.  Friendship must be cultivated, nurtured and honored at all times.  Each one of us felt blessed to be in the presence of such powerful, yet humble women.  We share common values of respect and love for each other as well as those in our lives.

I was reminded once again that what really matters in life are the relationships we hold dear.  I am once again inspired to be the best me I can be, to be a great friend, and to seek ways to leave a legacy and to make a difference in this world.  Thank you dear friends for your love, for your support, and for your lasting friendship!


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