Posted by: paulaswitzer | May 22, 2011

Flying Brings Focus

For a long time now, I have dreamed of learning to fly.  It was one of those things on my “bucket list”.  Over the past few years, I had found many excuses for why I could not do it, primarily because I thought I was too old.  I should have learned to fly a couple of decades ago!

Part of my spiritual journey has been developing affirmations.  In SendOutCards, we call them “I AM” statements.  One day recently, I was looking back at some cards I had created over the past 5 years as a part of SendOutCards.  On at least two of these cards, I had declared “I am a pilot.”  A few months back, I saw an advertisement in our local paper one morning for a seminar – “Learn To Fly, Live Your Dream”.  I shared this with my wonderful husband and he said, “Go for it!”  So, I took an introductory lesson and bought a block of flying hours.  Sometimes, I am still amazed I am doing this!

When I am in that plane, I HAVE to focus – 110% on what I am doing – on living in the moment totally.  It has been quite an experience, and I am enjoying the mental acrobats it is forcing me to do.  In order to be a leader, to achieve what we want in life, or just to be present with those we love, we must put aside other distraction and be in the moment.  Can you think of a time when you have been in the moment 100%?  Isn’t it an exhilarating feeling?  What is on your bucket list that YOU still want to accomplish in your life?  It is NEVER too late to go for your dreams.

I am a good example of this.  I AM A PILOT!



  1. Paula, I mentionef to Sue recently i’m also wanting to learn to fly. That is one reason I joined Civil Air Patrol. Small world. Perhaps you can share more about who you decided to start learning with?

    • Hi Tony,

      Sorry for my delay in responding! I am taking lessons through the Johnson County Executive Airport – with a company called Air Associates, Inc. You can check out their website at: They offered a free seminar (they do that periodically throughout the year), and a wonderful gentleman sitting next to me gave me the free Introductory Flying Lesson he won in the drawing that morning (he was already a pilot). That was all it took – I was hooked! You definitely should pursue it, Tony. They are great folks there are Air Associates.

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