Posted by: paulaswitzer | July 16, 2010

Leadership, the Michael Buble Way

Recently, my stepdaughter and I had a chance to go see Michael Buble in concert.  What a fun evening!  Not only did I find him to be as talented and professional as I expected, but he was also humble and displayed a sense of humor and intimacy with his audience that many performers find hard to replicate.  It reminded me of some of the traits of a good leader.  In addition to that, his opening act was an extremely talented group of young men who’s term “Vocal Play” took on new meaning.  The group, Naturally 7, was refreshing, innovative and truly played together as a team.  They used their voices to imitate various instruments, such as drums, lead guitar, bass, trumpet and others.  They set the stage for a fabulous show, and warmed up the audience to hear Michael.  Again, a good leader is not afraid to share the stage with others, and in fact, finds ways to highlight the talents of those around them.  Michael said he knew from an early age what he wanted to do with his life.  He had a clear vision and it was evident that evening.


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