Posted by: paulaswitzer | May 25, 2010

Do You Like Using a 360 Tool for Leaders?

Many organizations (and individuals) have had negative experiences with the use of a 360 tool.  In some cases, those providing feedback to a manager, for example, have used this opportunity to “zing” their manager with toxic comments.  To make matters worse, the debriefing of this feedback can be non-existent or incomplete, leaving the manager with no actionable plan for improvement, and a very bad feelng about the experience.

When used properly, a 360 tool can be an effective way to help the person receivng the feedback become a better manager or leader.  However, it requires a process that provides a roadmap for helping the person improve their performance.  In these situations, many a manager or leader has been able to greatly improve their abilities in leading others.  

I am really excited about a brand new tool I will soon have access to – stay tuned for more details.  It combines the best of a 360 with 3 very specific strategies that the leader can implement immediately in a a very positive, yet constructive manner.  I like what I see with this one…


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