Posted by: paulaswitzer | May 21, 2010

Are You Addicted to Technology?

I have to admit that I am.  Recently, I spent a week in the UK.  Before leaving home, I contacted my cell phone provider to make sure I could connect across the pond.  However, when I got there,  my cell phone would not work.  Neither would my wireless card, and the small village we were in for most of the week did not have a public place with internet access.  Although we were there to attend to things much more important than my ability to stay “connected”, I did feel rather anxious during the week.  The occasional long distance call back home was as good as it was going to get.  It confirmed what I had long suspected – that it was difficult for me to go “unplugged” for very long.  What about you?  In taking the time to process what I was feeling, it was helpful to admit my need to stay connected was perhaps a little extreme.  It IS good to take time away from all of our “gadgets”, and to experience life when there is no ability to check email, surf the internet, and generally fill our time with technology-driven activities.  Life slows down, and we can take the time to communicate more fully with those around us.  However, I DID miss good coffee as well!  How spoiled we can become…


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