Posted by: paulaswitzer | February 22, 2010

What Are You Manifesting In Your Life?

I have always believed in the power of our thoughts.  When we are thinking negatively, is it any wonder that STUFF shows up in our lives?  Likewise, when we can come from a place of positive expectation, be prepared for good things to happen.  Of course, life happens, but how we deal with it will greatly determine our outcomes.  It is important for us to have faith in the future, to see the greater good, and to enjoy the ups and downs life has to offer.

The other day, my new SendOutCards friend mentioned the great “parking karma” she had.  She ALWAYS gets the spot right up front.  It just happens.  So I thought I would have some fun with that…

Saturday evening, my hubby and I were in downtown Kansas City for the wedding reception of our friends’ daughter and new son-in-law.  This is a BUSY part of town.  I told my husband on the way, “we WILL get a great parking spot”.  (The last time I was there, we had to park a few blocks away).  Sure enough, we landed in a spot just a few feet from the front of the building.  Coincidence?  I choose to believe it’s a skill I am perfecting.  What about you?  What do you want in your life that you can believe you deserve to have?  We have to believe we deserve it first.  Think about that…


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